Re: Telescope Control Software for Satellite Tracking

Date: Fri Mar 21 2008 - 08:57:40 UTC

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    I had a look at Software Bisque's web site and it has one page that says something about sub-pixel satellite movement across the screen.  (Real-looking satellites move slowly across the Virtual Sky, with labels showing their current distance, name and more!)
    I'm looking for software for meteor/satellite parties where a dozen or so people spend a night at a dark site during the Perseid meteor shower and watch meteors and any satellites that come by.  Can TheSky be set up to display the sky currently overhead along with the positions of any visible satellites going over?  I'd have no problem editing the element file so only the brighter sats are in the sets.
    If TheSky can't do this, can anybody recommend any software that can?
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