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From: Patrick Wiggins (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2008 - 06:46:13 UTC

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    Good morning,
    On 21 Mar 2008, at 00:07, Greg Roberts wrote:
    > Patrick Wiggins wrote in reply to question re telescope control for  
    > satellite
    > tracking:
    >> I've had great results with Software Bisque's TheSky6 ( http://  
    >> ).
    >> patrick
    > I do not have V6 of  THE SKY by Software Bisque but as far as I know
    > THE SKY does not even handle satellite tracking let alone automatic
    > tracking of satellites.
    Are we talking about different things?
    For me automatic tracking means I enter the TLEs and tell the  
    software to "Go" and the mount slews the scope to first lock on to  
    the satellite and then slews the mount such that the scope keeps the  
    satellite in the scope's field of view all the way across the sky.
    Or maybe you're talking about the ability to simply predict and  
    display on the monitor where a particular satellite will be at a  
    given time.
    In either case TheSky does both very well.  In fact, so well in the  
    previous case that it keeps the satellite well within the tiny 9 x 13  
    arc minute field of view of my camera (I've got to get a camera with  
    a bigger chip on day <g>).
    > To me THE SKY has always been software that has
    > a ridiculous price and is over rated.
    Cost is one of those relative things, I suppose.  I seriously doubt  
    that I would have purchased the top of the line "Professional  
    Edition" of TheSky if all I was going to do was use it to display on  
    the monitor where a satellite (or any other object) is or will be.
    But compared to what I've spent on the observatory, pier, cameras,  
    scope, mount and peripherals the software was downright cheap  
    (especially considering how well it works).
    Carpe Noctem!
    IAU 718
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