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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Mar 21 2008 - 06:07:53 UTC

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    Patrick Wiggins wrote in reply to question re telescope control for satellite
    >I've had great results with Software Bisque's TheSky6 ( http:// 
    > ).
    I do not have V6 of  THE SKY by Software Bisque but as far as I know
    THE SKY does not even handle satellite tracking let alone automatic
    tracking of satellites. To me THE SKY has always been software that has
    a ridiculous price and is over rated.
    As mentioned earlier in this group Brent Boshart made his SATELLITE 
    TRACKER program available as FREEWARE as he can no longer support 
    it. It was only available for a few days as such before being withdrawn
    but I downloaded it. Since I dont use it to drive my telescope Im not sure
    how good it is but from reports Ive seen it does a good job so is something
    worth looking at.
    I suspect Project Pluto's GUIDE may also be suitable for driving a telescope
    but again I havent tried it .
    There is another expensive commercial product that does telescope satellite 
    tracking - name escapes me at the moment - I think it was used to drive a 90
    inch reflector in Texas.
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