Re: Shuttle seen from home in Quebec !

From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 15:56:38 UTC

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    > The RCS firings after ET
    > separation appear *very* notable and bright in the overhead and forward
    > cabin windows
    > [...]
    > Seems to me that should certainly be
    > observable from the ground.
    I concur - I have a friend who has watched a few shuttle launches from 
    Massachusetts with his son using binoculars and a telescope.  His favorite part 
    is the RCS (reaction control system) burns after MECO (main engine cut off). 
    They aren't as bright as the main engines but they are very visible.  It sounds 
    like from some quick google searching that they have significant thrust as once 
    they knocked a solder joint loose on a circuit board.  You probably want to have 
    your seatbelt on during RCS burns.
    - George Roberts
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