Re: Geostationary Satellite Question

From: B Gimle @ComHem (@ComHem)
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 16:43:13 UTC

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    Simply because your telescope/camera is not fixed.
    As the Earth rotates to the E, 1.5 degrees in the 6 minutes,
    your scope follows the stars that appear to move to the W.
    If you stop your mount, you will get nice bright geosat dots,
    with fainter star trails "moving".
    is one of my geoflare images, with a EOS 400D camera on a tripod, 60s.
    (This was posted soon after yours - but I was using my other
    'From' address, not the one I was connected to!)
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    >... My question is simply this: how can all of these satellites, whichever
    >one I captured, be moving across my FOV? I thought  this type of satellite
    >appeared to be hovering over one location? Software Bisque's TheSky
    >planetarium software even shows the geostationary satellites moving via an
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