Re: Geostationary Satellite Question

From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 14:10:47 UTC

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    >My question is simply this: how can all of these satellites, whichever one I 
    >captured, be moving across my FOV? I thought  this type of satellite appeared 
    >to be hovering over one location?
    They are stationary for people on earth - in truth they orbit the earth once per 
    day.  So against the background stars they are moving.  But if you turn off the 
    motor on your telescope, they will stop moving and all the stars will appear to 
    move.  Most people who photograph geostationary satellites don't use any motor. 
    They typically use a simple tripod.
    Another example - if you have seen people with satellite tv's have you noticed 
    that those satellite dishes never move?  They are always pointing at the same 
    spot in the sky because the satellite doesn't "move" across the sky.  Satellite 
    dishes don't need motors to rotate the dish.  So the RA motor on your scope 
    isn't needed for this.
    - George Roberts
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