Geostationary Satellite Question

From: amstuart (
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 12:24:57 UTC

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    I was imaging last evening north of NGC 1981. I am at 25.6554N, 80.3503W, 
    20:04:11 to 20:10:01 EST on 3-16-08. I apologize that my graphics stink on 
    YouTube (haven't quite mastered the 640 x 480 standard when making 
    "slides"), but multiple geostationary satellite passes are shown (purple 
    lines) transiting west-to-east at the time I was imaging.
    My question is simply this: how can all of these satellites, whichever one 
    I captured, be moving across my FOV? I thought  this type of satellite 
    appeared to be hovering over one location? Software Bisque's TheSky 
    planetarium software even shows the geostationary satellites moving via an 
    animation in real time.
    Each of my CCD images were 10 seconds in duration, and I assembled an .avi 
    clip to document the 6 minute transit over my 64 arc-minute FOV.
    Thank you for an explanation.
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