Texas-Oklahoma heads up

From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 22:28:10 UTC

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    This evening at about 8:34 PM CDT, object 32386, GPS 61 Del Rk, 
    07-62C, will be making a low and fast west-to-east pass between 
    Austin and Dallas at an orbital height of about 120 miles 
    (about 194 km).  Two or three weeks ago I saw this object at a 
    somewhat higher orbital height a couple of evenings, and it was 
    pretty bright and, if memory serves, tumbling slowly.
    It was good to see several flaring geosats last night from the
    Ney Museum, in spite of more light pollution than ever.  Two of
    them were visible without binoculars.  I haven't tried to do 
    any identifications yet.  Otherwise occupied this evening, but 
    I will certainly try to see the Delta Rk above!
    FWIW, this month marks my 12th year since getting into watching 
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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