GEO/Near Geo objects

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 16:27:33 UTC

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    Afternoon again
    I forgot to explain what GEO.ZIP is all about. It is a compilation of known and 
    suspected identities of satellites that have been tracked by the amateur 
    community by optical and radio means. There probably are some incorrect 
    Mike McCants CLASSIFIED.TLE file contains a large number of satellites with the 
    identification 90***. Many of them have now been identified with their correct 
    identities and the 90*** ones left in GEO.ZIP have no known match as yet. 
    Similarly with the ESA#10 objects-those identified with a launch have been given 
    that designation and removed from the ESA#10 part of the catalog. Hopefully the 
    GEO catalog then covers all known/suspected identities plus those that still 
    require identification. Obviously not all the unknowns can be identified as they 
    may be rocket casings or other debri. Our thanks to Mike for borrowing some 
    elements from CLASSIFIED.TLE. Thanks Mike.
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