Re: Generation Gap

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 08:29:22 UTC

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    One thing I didn't have as a kid, was computers like today. Are first computer was a Commodore
    VIC-20. Could do verey much with it.
    Video games are a big thing now. So kids stay inside and play video games.
    Also the weather I find isn't as good in the past, ie more cloudy nights now. 
    I don't remember having any interest in astronomy, until my parents moved us from out west, to
    Brockville. Not sure what started my interest in astronomy. My main interest is sat observing, not
    that you couldn't tell with all my post's.
    Some kids have a interest in astronomy, just got to find them. The lunar eclipse in Feb, I notice
    2 kids outside observing it. Would have never known, if I hadn't gone to the front yard.
    One of them, I said to there parents, I would show a pass of the ISS one day. They seemed
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