Re:Geo sat leading Intelsat 707=96107

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 07:53:04 UTC

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    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >A faint geo sat leading Intelsat 707 ( 23816 ) is close to the predicted 
    >position of 96107.
    >1 96107U          08070.93540654 0.00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    07
    >2 96107   0.2326  93.3523 0000100 247.2853 112.7220  1.00270000    00
    >At 2:57 UTC ( Mar 11 ) it's around Mag 10 range.
    >Around 2:59:30 UTC give are take a few seconds, it passed close to TYC 4920 
    >1103 located around
    >Right ascension: 10h55m57.0883s
    >Declination: -06 37' 40.305"
    Hi Kevin
    There are a LOT of other interesting satellites in the ESA 96*** objects :-))
    The one you saw was DSCS 3-14  03040A #27875 ( = 96107 = UI107).
    There is a chronic shortage of observers outside of the area that Peter
    Wakelin (UK) and myself ( South Africa ) can cover - in fact we only have
    coverage over about 90% of the Clarke belt so we would like to encourage
    observers in the western hemisphere and Australasia to give more attention
    to geostationaries and near geostationary satellites.
    Some can be as bright as magnitude +8, whilst most of the objects in the
    ESA#10 catalog are brighter than magnitude +13. (96*** or UI*** objects
    - remove the 96 or UI and its the same satellite) .Some flash with periods
    ranging from a second to minutes whilst others are steady - an effort is being
    made to determine which are easy targets but its only by means of observations
    that this can be achieved.
    Many of these objects are still operational spacecraft, even if drifting along
    the Clarke belt - this has been determined from radio observations. Fortunately
    we have good radio coverage of the Clarke belt but none over Australasia but
    the appeal for radio observers belongs in another newsgroup :-))
    Okay off my soap-box now :-))
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