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Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 15:13:02 UTC

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    Hi all
    Although answers requested off line I think enough people
    have problems running SKYMAP66 that the answer should
    be available to all.
    I installed it a long time ago on XP Prof.  
    I now start it with a file call SKYMAP.BAT ( straight ascii text) 
    which has the following two lines only:
    Clicking on the SKYMAP.BAT icon it immediately goes into
    the correct display and at the top of the screen is displayed
    For those that dont know :
    cmd.exe replaces the dos command  COMMAND.COM
    I also have a DOS.BAT in my C root directory which has
    only in it, so this is perhaps how the cmd.exe comes into the
    program. Im not sure how it is activated by SKYMAP but I
    use the DOS.BAT version frequently when running old dos
    There is another way that I vaguely recall where one can run
    difficult programs in "windows98 compatability mode" but the
    command escapes me.. could find it if pressured...
    Not the full answer perhaps that is wanted but perhaps a
    clue how to do it - anyway SKYMAP66 can and does run
    under WIN XP -- Im sure Bjorn will be able to elaborate
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