Re: launch kit for ATV

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Mar 05 2008 - 16:43:16 UTC

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    An interesting and useful information kit is available at:
    However the launch kit is still required as it contains information not in 
    the above kit.
    Some highlights:
    The  Aestus firing will occur near SouthEastern Australia, with separation 
    close to New Zealand.   The launch kit makes mention of a ground station at 
    Awarua in the south of the South Island of New Zealand.   You may recall 
    that there was mention in the press of a ground station being built 
    especially for the ATV.    I have seen nothing further but am aware there is 
    or was a (I believe marine) radio station at Awarua so perhaps  the ground 
    station has been set up there?
    The firing, separation and the deorbit burn will occur in daylight here,
    As mentioned by Ted the  Aestus stage will be de-orbited on the second orbit 
    and dropped into the South Pacific (I hope they aim right :-)
    The ATV will (as Kevin mentions) attain an initial orbit of 260 km.  It will 
    conduct a series of automatic manoeuvres to  eventually achieve the orbital 
    height of the ISS.
    It will park 2000 km from the ISS in order to keep out of the way of the 
    Shuttle and to test the ATV's ability to hold position.
    There will be two "demo days" on March 29 and 31 when the ATV approaches the 
    ISS then withdraws, followed by the actual docking on 3 April. We have a 
    reasonable chance of morning visibility of the craft,  but I have seen 
    nothing as yet indicating the times of demo and rendezvous- hopefully these 
    will become available closer to the time.
    The ATV will eventually be deorbited in the South Pacific.
    An exciting and interesting mission with hopefully some great opportunities 
    for observation.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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    Subject: launch kit for ATV
    > The launch kit for the ATV flight, is available from Arianespace
    > The ATV after seperation from the upper stage, they say will be in a a 
    > circular orbit at an
    > altitude of 260 kilometers.
    > After ATV seperation, the upperstage will be deorbited.
    > I look forward to observing it, and getting one are more passes on video.
    > Kevin
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