USA-193 intercept details

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 13:34:48 UTC

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    Having a bit of time yesterday, I gathered up some of the information
    concerning the USA-193 intercept and put it into together with some basic analysis. If anyone
    here wants to check it or provide additional information, please do,
    off-list if that seems best.
    The basic results are:
    Launch time of the interceptor: 03:26:47.5 21 Feb 2008 UTC
    Launch position of the interceptor: 23.482 N, 163.282 W
    Approximate time of intercept: 03:29:37
    Approximate position of intercept: 21.15 N, 163.76 W, 249 km altitude
    P.S.: I learned this morning that Dr. Kelso has done a similar
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