Re:Russian/ESA Geo monitoring Reports

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Mar 02 2008 - 05:59:49 UTC

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    Hi Allen
    Many thanks for your note re the above subject and for the
    first two URL's-- dont have those so will get.
    Yes the Russians and ESA are doing a fine job of monitoring
    unpublished geo objects not found in the SPACETRACK lists-
    the latest report  (ESA#10) is what I am currently using to
    observe the 96*** objects I am currently reporting to SeeSat.
    In the ESA report they are identified with UI*** numbers so 
    replace the UI*** with 96*** and they are the same objects.
    Using this report I have been able to identify many of the
    90*** objects that appear in Mike McCants CLASSIFIED.TLE
    with their true identities - a simple task anyone could have done.
    Hopefully the known 90*** objects will now appear in the so
    called CLASSIFIED.TLE element set  under their true identity.  
    Observed 96*** objects that have no obvious match will appear 
    as  96*** objects in the element sets whilst unidentified 90*** 
    objects will remain as such.  I understand Mike is working on
    implementing the new naming scheme.
    I should mention that quite a few of the true identities were
    established by several radio observers and brief mention of
    this is made in the ESA#10 report.
    I wonder if the Russian/ESA observers made use of 
    CLASSIFIED.TLE as we were observing several geo objects
    quite some time before they appeared in the ESA reports :-))
    Exciting times...
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