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From: John A. Dormer 2 (
Date: Sat Mar 01 2008 - 13:44:54 UTC

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    Björn Gimle @GlocalNet wrote:
    | The tracking tool by John Dormer may be a useful addition though.
    The more feedback, the better it will get. :) I'm still building the
    mount which it will eventually drive.
    | Although existing telescope drivers allow scanning the
    | track, I'm not certain they also compensate for Earth's
    | rotation with (large) timing errors (which CosaTrak -
    | used by Greg Roberts and Lutz Schindler)
    I'm using algorithms derived from geodetic survey, which compensate for
    the approximate shape of the Earth through the use of the WGS84
    ellipsoid. Time is done using tools which I originally wrote back in
    2000 for celestial navigation (an exercise to learn spherical trigonometry).
    I'm keen to hear about the accuracy of the pointing solutions the tool
    generates. Remember, until you see boxes appear for temperature (°C) and
    pressure (millibars), it's not done yet.
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