2-Line orbital elements

From: amstuart (amstuart@sprintmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 01 2008 - 13:23:25 UTC

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    I am both a visual observer and an astroimager. I recently captured the 
    Hubble Space Telescope (HST) passing through the FOV of my LX200/camcorder 
    imaging set-up. The transit was planned using 2-line orbital elements from 
    http://spacelist.org/orbital.shtml. Specifically, the Master TLE Index, 
    Space and Earth Science. The element set is coded "green", 0-5 days old. I 
    used GOOGLE Earth to  record my observatory coordinates with great accuracy 
    as my 6' dome appears in the image from space; I used the updated orbital 
    element set to import the HST's path over my location in Software Bisque's 
    TheSky; I constructed a FOV indicator box using the specifications of the 
    Sony ICX903BQ chip in my camcorder. Heavens-Above gave me an idea of the 
    time the HST would pass near Bellatrix, so I found two stars that the 
    predicted path bisected in order to select a location to slew my telescope 
    to and wait for the Hubble to pass through. The captured path of the HSTwas 
    recorded almost 8 arc-minutes south of the predicted path. Since my FOV box 
    is ~ 9 x 11 arc-minutes, it is prudent to "sit and wait" in the correct 
    location for a satellite pass. So, of all the potential variables that are 
    involved, which data point is the likely culprit for the path discrepancy?
    Here is my video:
    If anyone suggets this is an off-topic post, please feel free to contact me 
    at amstuart@sprintmail.com.
    Thank you.
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