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From: Björn Gimle @GlocalNet (@GlocalNet)
Date: Sat Mar 01 2008 - 10:06:32 UTC

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    It seems to me the few replies on SeeSat-L are
    shooting at different targets (!) - neither telescopic
    tracking  nor known objects was asked for.
    To watch an approximately known track with
    binoculars or at "one-power" I simply copy an
    elset 2-11 times and add fractions of 360 to
    the AOP value. Example:
    221.0195 and 301.0195 or
    291, 321, 351, 021, 051....
    instead of 261.0195  in the following elset:
    USA 193 A        5.0  2.5  0.0  4.3 v                    250 X 257 km
    1 29651U 06057A   08049.03290930  .00227439  00000-0  27958-3 0    02
    2 29651  58.5131  39.7259 0005095  99.1484 261.0195 16.07330305    09
    The tracking tool by John Dormer may be a useful addition though.
    Although existing telescope drivers allow scanning the
    track, I'm not certain they also compensate for Earth's
    rotation with (large) timing errors (which CosaTrak -
    used by Greg Roberts and Lutz Schindler)
    The Meade Autostar native satellite tracking is inaccurate
    AND does not include rotation; Boshart's SatTrack
    is accurate, but I haven't verified large errors.
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    Is there any way to predict when the orbital plane of USA193 is over an 
    area?  So we can look for possible debris not yet recorded or too small to 
    track?  I realize we may not see small debris re-enter, but it might give me 
    an excuse to get out of the house...
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