Re: Not so near miss

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 13:31:41 EDT

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    I must apologise for relaying to the list such inaccurate information as was 
    first reported by the media.
    I had 10 minutes available to draw the list's attention to the story before 
    I had to leave, and no time to check whether it correlated to the time of 
    the Progress descent.  Hence the commencement of my post with "it is 
    reported...."  I also apologise for my own misreporting as Soyuz.
    There is a procedure by which the press can be taken to task for inaccurate 
    reporting, and I am considering following it- though nobody knows what it 
    was, we all know what it was not.
    It seems this is probably OT now, in fact it is possible it may never have 
    been on topic! -   though there is of course an investigation it may still 
    be inconclusive.
    I have been following decay reports in Space-Track for anything relevant 
    around that time and there is certainly nothing reported such as chunks of 
    FengYun.  :-)
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    Subject: Not so near miss
    > Hi all,
    >         I seem to be suffering a continuation of my finger trouble.
    > This got sent to Marco directly instead of to the group. Sorry...
    >> Thanks folks. To be fair to the pilot, having seen some excessively
    >> bright meteors over the years (2 of at least -18 mag); I can imagine
    >> that he probably felt like an urgent visit to the toilet after seeing
    >> the thing. ;:-}))
    >> Cheers
    >> Rod
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