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Date: Thu Mar 29 2007 - 14:12:34 EDT

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    On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 03:33:11 -0400, Bob Christy <> wrote:
    > From:	David Anderman <>
    >> From memory - I am away from base at the moment - but I am sure someone can correct me: Cosmos 379 and Cosmos 382 were launchd within a short space of time during 1970 as tests of the Soviet piloted lunar spacecraft.
    > I believe that Cosmos 382 was the one described at the time as "a Lunar Cabin": ie the Lander.
    > Bob Christy
    > =============================
    > This object is purportedly some sort of Soyuz/Zond:
    > USSPACECOM Catalog No.:4786
    > International Designation Code:1970-103-A
    > Its in a 55 degree 5241x2413 orbit. AFAIK, no one has produced a
    > telescopic image of this object, but it certainly would be
    > interesting to get a look to see if it is indeed a Soyuz derivative.
    According to, it's a modification
    of what would have been the lunar orbiter, not the lander.  Its mission as
    flown on Kosmos 382 was to check out the lunar landing flight profile of the Blok D
    stage, albeit in earth (rather than lunar) orbit, and launched by a Proton (rather
    than an N-1).
    That link has a picture, for what it's worth.
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