Cosmos1356 R/B (SPC#13154) observed flashing 3/21 /2007

From: Thomas Dorman (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 15:34:28 EDT

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    I was down in the City of El Paso,Texas last night and
    observed Cosmos 1356 R/B flashing at approximately
    2:47UT 3/21/07.The best I can give on flash period is
    the primary flash came about every 6 to 7 seconds and
    a secondary flash(dimmer) about 3 to 4 seconds after
    the primary flash.Max brightness,best guess around
    magnitude +3 with the secondary around magnitude+4 to
    +4.5.Also at the same time Spot 4 R/B (SPC#25261) was
    travel just a few degrees west of Cosmos 1356.Cosmos
    1356 R/B was traveling North-Northeast and Spot 4 R/B
    to the North
    The primary flash from Cosmos 1356 R/B were very sharp
    with the secondary looking to me to have a slightly
    longer duration.
    Thomas Dorman
    Horizon City,Texas
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