Re: Orbital Express Centaur (30778, 07-006G)

From: David Anderman (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 23:46:22 EDT

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    This is an excellent naked eye object - I believe that this is the 
    first Centaur in many years to have both apogee and perigee in LEO; I 
    would imagine that as time goes by, the very light Centaur will drop 
    both apogee and perigee, making it a spectacular object. I believe 
    that I noticed a slight copper color, but this may have been an 
    artifact of my knowledge of the color of the insulation covering the 
    upper stage.
    The 7 second "flare" was quite noticeable.
    At 11:44 PM 3/16/2007, Ed Cannon wrote:
    >Caught a brief pre-shadow-entry pass of the Orbital Express
    >Centaur, and it looked like a Centaur.  It had a period of
    >roughly seven seconds, with a secondary maximum, and the
    >primary maximum was bright.
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