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Date: Sat Mar 17 2007 - 23:52:25 EDT

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    I am imaging NGC 2903, image centered at RA: 09h 32m 38.1s  Dec: +2129'05" 
    Image is a 600 second exposure, 2.75 arc-sec/pixel, North is up, East to 
    Imaging time DATE-OBS= '2007-03-18T02:01:16.6' / UT
    I am interested in the two bright objects that are indicated by the orange 
    tic marks: I am used to satellite trails on my images, but I captured two 
    points. Someone on another User Group suggested a  very brief Iridium flash 
    could be captured as a point instead of a streak, but only one of the 
    objects is on the trail.
    Comparison with image taken 40 minutes earlier:
    I would appreciate any assistance in identifying the object(s) or, if no ID 
    is possible, what type of satellite can be recorded as a point during an 
    extended exposure?
    Thank you.
    Adam M. Stuart, M.D.
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