2 Flashing Sats (Or same one?)

From: Brad Young (brad.young@domain-engineering.com)
Date: Thu Mar 15 2007 - 16:45:21 EDT

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    Saw 2 flashing sats last night, one was almost certainly ETS-6 (23230,
    94-056A) - thanks Peter Wakelin for the heads up:
    However, the flash period was about 9 seconds for me visually:
    Designtn   Date    Time     Obsr Durtn Acc Num  Per   Remarks
    94- 56 A 07-03-15 02:12:06   BY  300.1 0.2  35   8.58 FF mag 6->inv
    The position was 8h 02m +4.1 at 2:12:06 UT for me and this matches quite
    well with ETS-6. I found it accidentally while tracking NOSS 8(H) (18025)
    after systematically searching for half an hour. I was able to just see some
    1X flashes but not consistently due to some broken clouds.
    Then, after a break, it cleared up and I found a flasher that from the
    previous drift could be ETS-6 again, but now the flashes were quite
    different, 85 sec period, "up flash" in look like I've seen with Atlas r/b's
    and brighter at +5:
    Designtn   Date    Time     Obsr Durtn Acc Num  Per   Remarks
    75- 97 F 07-03-15 02:42:49   BY  255.5 0.2   3   85.2 FF mag 5->inv
    Position for this was 8h 22m +4.7 at 2:38:34 UT. Only close suspect from
    findsat was SL-12 r/b(2), 11676, 75-97F - does anyone have a record of this
    as a flasher? Or, was this ETS-6 later and it has a second extremely
    different flash mode?
    Hope to get a chance to look again soon.
    Brad Young
    TULSA 1
    COSPAR 8336
    36.1397N, 95.9838W, 205m ASL
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