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From: Greg Williams (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2007 - 14:27:02 EDT

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    Yeah my bad.  I suggested it, because I use STS Orbit Plus and it is
    DOS system clock dependant.  I made that mistake a couple of years
    back trying to do pass predicts for amateur satellited to try and
    work for Field Day.  It helps to set the DST flag.  ;-)
    Sorry for the confusion.
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    Subject: Re: iss not seen
    Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 17:24:35 +1030
    >At 01:16 PM 12/03/2007, Greg Williams wrote:
    >>Did the predictions account for the time change?
    >>BATALEUR wrote:
    >>>If insignificant, please ignore. Iss was predicted for an overhead 
    >pass. I
    >>>had clear skies
    >>>Mag -1.9 could not be missed. Triple checked my orbitron settings 
    >>>downloaded 3 different tle's to confirm.
    >>>Orbitron predicted iss
    >>>Location      : CAROLINA (30 07' 13" E, 26 04' 15" S)
    >>>Time zone     : UTC +2:00
    >Greg, the observer is in the Transvaal province of South Africa,
    >not in the USA.In addition So. Africa doesn' have daylight saving.
    >Tony Beresford
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