Heavens-Above and Daylight Savings Time

From: Tom Wagner (sciteach@mchsi.com)
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 13:01:48 EDT

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    This is a curiosity more than anything.
    I just checked Heavens-Above to make sure that they made the correction for 
    daylight savings time here in the US. The switch was moved up this year and 
    a lot of talk has been going around about whether computer systems would be 
    prepared to jump an hour ahead according to this new schedule. In H-A I 
    clicked on, "What Time Is It?" and saw that the adjustment has been made.
    I first looked at the end of the URL and it says, TZ=CST. I guess that stays 
    the same and does not need to change to TZ=CDT.
    I often change the latitude and longitude in the URL itself then click Enter 
    rather than going to the "edit manually" page so that's why I looked there 
    Tom  Iowa  USA 
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