FW: Lacrosse 2 Flares and Lacrosse 3 Fades

From: Philip Masding (zen32156@zen.co.uk)
Date: Sat Mar 10 2007 - 05:36:14 EST

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    From: Philip Masding [mailto:zen32156@zen.co.uk] 
    Sent: 10 March 2007 10:26
    To: SeeSat-L@satobs.org
    Cc: Mike Tyrrell; marco.langbroek@wanadoo.nl; Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    Subject: Lacrosse 2 Flares and Lacrosse 3 Fades
    Hi All
    Last night I observed Lacrosse 2 which flared nicely at 20:37:33UTC. I only
    have a record of one other flare by Lacrosse 2 on 10/06/06 as observed by
    Marco. Marco's observation suggested a panel angle of 30 degrees in flight
    mode XVV. This new observation fits a 30 degree panel angle but in flight
    mode YVV (i.e. the spacecraft has rotated precisely 90 degrees between
    observations). If the flare is from a dish antenna then I'm not sure what it
    Meanwhile Lacrosse 3 faded suddenly by 0.5 magnitudes in the middle of the
    pass. Maybe not as dramatic as Lacrosse 5 but it proves the other satellites
    can do it. The Lacrosse 3 light curve is here
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