tracking system out of commission

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 11:47:30 EST

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    The other night, my tracking system went wacky:(
    I can't align it, and so tracking stuff is out of the question. 
    I have contacted celstron, and they told me to send the fork arm to them, so they can take a look
    at it.  The problem is with the azimuth drive, could be some loose gears.
    So I am out of commission for tracking objects, for awhile.
    So I have to mount my video camera on my old scope, and starhop to the right area.
    I hope they fiqure out, why my scope is misbehaving.
    But then with all the cloudy nights I had, I don't expect to observe satellites to much. Tonight
    I'll do a short seesion, before going into work.
    At least I got to track tips, before my scope misbehaved. All I saw was the two end points, no
    tether. I had successfully tracked objects using the video camera in the focuser.
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