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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2006 - 17:34:37 EST

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    >> Is this France's revenge for Paris losing out to London in the battle to
    >> host the Prime Meridian? Probably only Pierre knows!
    >> Bob Christy
    Maybe it is an attempt by Germany to put Britain under their time regime at 
    last, 66 years after losing the Battle of Britain...  ;-)
    Nope, it is just another attempt to try to get Britain to join the rest of a 
    unified Europe instead of being their own deviant selves. With the exception of 
    Portugal, Ireland and Britain all of western Europe is on CET. Even countries 
    like France, Spain, Belgium and my own Country the Netherlands, who by their 
    longitudes should be on GMT rather than CET.
    Resistance is futile my dear Brits, you will be Europefied. No Spitfire this 
    time can save you. First the metrics. Now from GMT to CET. Then the Euro. 
    Eventually, driving on the right side of the road. And forced abstaining of 
    putting loads of milk in your tea.... But you will be allowed to keep Charles 
    and Camilla.
    I have lived on CET including summertime virtually all my life (I will be 36 
    next month), while being at only 4.5 degrees East of Greenwhich. It never 
    bothered me. Observing time starts a bit late in summer, that's all. On the 
    other hand, nice long evenings to enjoy outside on a terrace with a rosť wine...!
    It's just what you are used to. You'll eventually get used to it too, just like 
    the rest of Europe did, trust me. Stiff upper lip, and God Save the Queen, Old 
    - Marco  ;-)
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