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Date: Sun Mar 26 2006 - 17:02:28 EST

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    I don't believe it's true...currently going through the House of Lords...who are normaly our last line of defence!!
    Check this out:-
    Scotland and Wales and N Ireland can opt out...England mandatory...we could have two time zones on this little island...what a load of ******!
    This is being kept very quiet...I'm just hoping that the Lords havn't got anything better to do...if they pass this the government has a free hand to impose it.
    I'm going to check with my MP as to whats going on behind our backs here...I remember the last time when it was just plus one hour and that was bad enough even where I live right down two hours in the summer is loopy to my mind...don't people get a say on this sort of thing anymore...what happened to democracy??
    ps..Sorry if you're not a Brit on this's all rather personal.
    ======= On 21-03-2006, 19:02:46 you wrote: =======
    >A version was tried in the UK from 1968 - how many of you remember British
    >Standard Time? The clocks were left at Summer Time in 1968 October and not
    >put back again until 1971 October.
    >Is this France's revenge for Paris losing out to London in the battle to
    >host the Prime Meridian? Probably only Pierre knows!
    >Bob Christy
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    >> Hi all!
    >> Apologies to those who live outside the UK, because this 
    >> doesn't affect you much.
    >> I read in last Sunday's "Sunday Telegraph" that a bill called 
    >> the Lighter Evenings (Experiment) Bill is going through 
    >> Parliament.  This Bill would create a three-year experiment 
    >> starting on 2006 October 29 whereby the UK would go onto CET 
    >> (Central European Time).  I believe an identical system was 
    >> operated during WWII, but I'm not old enough to remember how 
    >> it worked out.  Comments, anyone (especially from Scotland!)?
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