Re: Launch Time confusion

From: Don (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 12:01:48 EST

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    >9:29 PM EST = 21:29 EST + 5 hours = 26:29 UTC = 02:29 UTC the next
    >day, just as they say.  I don't understand the problem.
    >Ed Light
    The problem is that the thinking was being done around 3AM
    when 9:29 pm - 2:29 am seemed like they should be 7 hours
    offset from each other.  It 'sounded' logical at the time.
    To make matters worse, I read the same thing twice on different
    web sites and was convinced that somebody out there had no idea
    what THEY were talking about.
    Note to self: Posting privelages revoked after midnight.
    Sorry folks!
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