Lacrosse 4 flare + Failed to see Lacrosse 5 again

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 15:06:57 EST

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    Has any of the British, French or German trackers seen Lacrosse 5 during its 
    19:30 UTC pass this evening (Mar 22)?
    I failed to see it again (with naked eye). Admittedly, conditions were not 
    optimal (haze/thin cirrus streaks) but I feel I nevertheless should have been 
    able to see it if it was at its usual mag. +2 brighness as seen from here. So it 
    seems to have been clearly fainter.
    Moreover, 20 minutes later I had no problem seeing Lacrosse 4, even thought that 
    pass was lower in the sky, at mag. +2. The latter made a nice short duration 
    flare to mag. 0 at 19:50:00 UTC while crossing the sickle of Leo. I captured 
    part of the flare on photograph, the start of the exposure more or less 
    coinciding with peak brightness. The trail can be seen starting fat and fading 
    out in the picture.
    - Marco
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