One flare, no USA 129, but two imposters

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 14:17:42 EST

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    I have made many unsuccessful attempts of locating USA 161, first with 
    the scope near apex low in the NNE, after Russells presumed find Mar.04 
    also on high N passes with 7*50 or 1*
    So long has now passed, that the uncertaintainties almost make a 
    full-plane-search necessary.
    In an attempt to solve that, I checked USA 129 which should pass in a 
    controlled timeframe relative to USA 161.
    But it has not been observed since Feb.23!
    I tried Mar.19, but was fooled by an imposter two min ahead of predicted 
    Mar.20 I tried 19:27 UTC +-5 min from site 5918
    Mar.21 I tried -14/+3 around 18:16 from 5918, and had to quit after two 
    candidates appeared.
    I didn't have my voice recorder available, and won't trust my memory.
    The first one was quite convincing, with a -1 flare for about 15 s, 
    between RA 16:40 and 17:20, dec.+51 (NNE 24 deg).
    It turned out to be #25394 98043A Resurs O1-N4.
    The second one was more quiet, #12585 85097B Meteor Priroda.
    Next pass was more difficult, I tried at +6/+16 minutes, but it was 
    hazy, and I had to use binoculars and misjudged the shift of the track 
    with time, so the last half was essentially useless.
    Tonight it is cloudy again.
    -- Björn Gimle                                        --
    -- COSPAR 5919, MALMA,    59.2615 N, 18.6206 E, 33 m  --
    -- COSPAR 5918, HAMMARBY, 59.2985 N, 18.1045 E, 44 m  --
    -- COSPAR 5920, FRUVIK,   59.3260 N, 18.4820 E, 11 m  --
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