iridium 38 disappoints

From: Stephan Szyman (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 18:25:22 EST

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    hi all
    I was in Merrionette Park ( 41.6840°N, 87.7000°W) Illinois last friday 
    evening 17 march 2006 CDT celebrating st. pat's.
    I went outside to watch (according to HA's prediction) a -0 mag flare of 
    iridium 18, followed about a minute later by a -8th mag flare off of iridium 
    as I exited the bar with a small group (who were all I could muster from the 
    throng inside), we witnessed an amazing fireball in the SSE at approximately 
      17:30 CDT, green in color, reminding me of a leonid, duration was probably 
    3 seconds with a lot of variation in brightness and sparks, with a wicked 
    terminal flash.
    luckily for me,  because iridium 18 showed up as predicted but the star of 
    the show, the -8th flare of iridium 38, never occurred.
    I just looked at nasa j-track 3d and it seems from that software that 
    iridiums 18 and 38 are just about on opposite sides of the planet from each 
    other.  has iridium 38 been on the move recently, and mr. peat just hadn't 
    updated HA?  I sure hate to blow a prediction of a -8th magnitude flare in 
    front of a group of mostly strangers.
    as the bartender, nicky called me, "a *$^&kin idiot," although he'd just 
    witnessed an amazing fireball and a slow -0 mag flare of iridium 18 within 
    the span of  about 90 seconds...
    please see the link I am providing to the predictions for that evening:
    normally when i blow these predictions, there was only one event and people 
    get a good laugh at me.  thank heavens (no pun intended) iridium 18 showed 
    up, as did that bolide.
    stephan szyman
    chicago IL USA
    41.9630N, 87.7561W; 188 msl
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