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Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 11:34:24 EST

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    Hi Darwin
    Re your pole tracking mount.  I dont know where the original
    idea came from but I seem to recall that you were possibly the
    first to try it from the amateur point of view. As you point out it
    is similar to the Baker-Nunn mounting and I do recall reading
    an article in a Russian publication ( translated to English!)
    describing the theory many years ago. Then I think Wilcox
    P.Overbeck based his prediction programs on a similar idea
    in the early 60's but there was no mechanical implementation
    of it or intention of such.
    I was very interested some years ago in making such a mounting
    and even elicited the assistance of Bjoern Gimle who wrote some
    software to use with such a system but like a lot of my bright
    schemes I never got around to building such a unit.(sorry Bjoern -
    -your labours may yet bear fruit!)  As you know it is ideal as
    there is only one tracking movement whilst tracking and ideal
    for satellites passing through the zenith as there is no massive
    swing in azimuth. The disadvantage is that one ideally needs
    three stepper motors - one to set azimuth, the other to set on the
    pole of the satellite, and the other to actually track. The first two
    could be set manually but being lazy I would prefer to do it
    without moving from my chair. The first two motors could be
    simple DC motors but you would then need some encoding
    system to know where you are pointing . Another advantage
    is that the mount will have reduced vibration as only one
    setpper motor will be operating during the track. Maybe in
    my coming winter months Ill have a go at building such -
    its a lot simpler than a CoSaTrak system.
    Sorry I cannot be more positive about the origin of such a
    You have an interesting webpage .
    Best wishes
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    > I wrote a web page for a satellite tracking scope mount I built. I would
    > appreciate input from members here on it, whether it's about
    terminology, a
    > better way to explain it, or whatever.
    > I also would like to know if this idea is new to me or if I picked it up
    > from somewhere.
    > Thanks
    > Oh, is there any way to get TIPS elements any more. I miss seeing it.
    > Bush Spied, Terrorists Died
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