Re: Catalogue of Orbited Objects 1957-1964

From: Chris Jones (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 17:57:15 EST

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    On Sunday 12 March 2006 16:24, George Olshevsky wrote:
    > Anyone who'd like a PDF, simply drop me an email. Because there's a
    > lot of Space Track data in it, however, you must be a registered Space
    > Track user (and so state in your email) to receive it, which I believe
    > almost everyone on the SeeSat list is. The PDF is currently 34 pages
    > long, but adding just the list of 1965 objects will roughly double
    > that. When the Log becomes current, it will approach 700 pages in
    > length.
    Hi, I would like to receive this catalogue.  I am a registered Space Track
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