Now I can observe the milstar geo sat on the tv

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 20:24:49 EST

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    Thanks to my focal reducer, I was able to observe milstar 6 on the tv screen:)
    Now I don't have to wait until, it flares up, in order to see it on the tv.
    I found it was around Mag 10 to 11 at the time I observed it the other night. Don't remember what
    time that was.  It was located between 6 to 7 in Right Ascention, when I observed it, where the
    flare zone is in the 11 Right ascention range right now.
    I could spot the INTELSAT AMERICAS 8 geo sat a few degrees away, when I pointed at it.
    I'll try on another night, to try and observe other geo sat's
    I know I can observe milstar 6, and I expect to see Inmarsat 4F2 as it got a big main spacecraft
    body also. Milstar 1 at 68 degrees I didn't observe, but it won't be hard to see it.
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