Catalogue of Orbited Objects 1957-1964

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2006 - 16:24:35 EST

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    Well, I finally have a presentable tabulation of catalogued orbited
    objects for the years 1957-1964. I'm presently working on 1965, and
    when that year is finished, I'll add it to the tabulation. Then I'll
    start on 1966, and so on, until the tabulation reaches whatever year I
    happen to be in (likely sometime late in 2007); to compile one year
    now takes about 2-3 weeks of spare/hobby time. I call it the
    Chronological Summary Log of Orbited Objects, or just the Log.
    Anyone who'd like a PDF, simply drop me an email. Because there's a
    lot of Space Track data in it, however, you must be a registered Space
    Track user (and so state in your email) to receive it, which I believe
    almost everyone on the SeeSat list is. The PDF is currently 34 pages
    long, but adding just the list of 1965 objects will roughly double
    that. When the Log becomes current, it will approach 700 pages in
    Data in the Log include International Identifier, Catalogue Number,
    Name or nature of object, Source and Launch Date, initial or
    earliest-known Period, Inclination, Apogee, and Perigee, Radar Cross
    Section, Orbital Behavior Pattern. and Decay Date (if decayed), for
    every orbited object. It's difficult to find all this information in
    one place on the Internet, which is how the Log may prove useful.
    Exactly one line per catalogued object (no NNAs or failures in this
    particular tabulation), so the number of lines will, when the project
    becomes current, exactly equal the current latest Catalogue Number.
    There's also an introduction to the Log, as a separate PDF nine pages
    long that I'll include in each email of the Log itself.
    I'm still working out some of the details in the Log, mainly having to
    do with the Orbital Behavior Pattern codes and weeding out typos, so
    things may change a bit with future installments. Any additions,
    corrections, or better guesses at the nature of debris objects are
    always welcome and will be incorporated in the next Log installment.
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