Lacrosse 5 Flare Predictions

From: Philip Masding (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 17:40:18 EST

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    Based on 2 observations of flares from Lacrosse 5 by Marco Langbroek and 1 
    by me I think I can predict future flares from the satellites SAR panel.
    So if anyone is interested and knows they have some good passes coming up 
    just drop me an e-mail with your lat/long and I can give you a list of 
    likely times to observe.
    Of course success depends on my calculations being correct and the 
    spacecraft not being manoevred to a different flight mode or changing the 
    angle of its SAR antenna. So it may be a waste of time but it would be great 
    to have a prediction actually confirmed!
    Philip Masding
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