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Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 12:07:51 EST

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    << I just saw that a small orbit maneuver is planned for the ISS on 
     What is interesting about this particular maneuver is that it will put the 
     ISS right into the path of totality of the total eclipse of the sun on 
     29-MAR-06 (without this maneuver the ISS would miss totality by little over 
     minutes). The ISS can now expect to see about 23 seconds of totality at 
     UT (while over the coast of Southern Turkey).  >>
        I had passed along Gehard's interesting E-mail message about the ISS 
    encountering the upcoming solar eclipse to those on the Solar Eclipse Mailing List 
    (SEML).  Below are some comments by astronomer, Dr. Glenn Schneider, who over 
    the years has chased 25 total solar eclipses.  -- joe rao
    Subj:    Re: [SEML] ISS eclipse
    Date:   3/8/06 10:36:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
    From: (Glenn Schneider)
    As Michael has reminded us (thank you Michael) not to replicate the
    content of the two line element sets (for ISS) I certainly won't.  Just
    a word of caution, though.  The latest PREDICTIVE elements (from which
    positional ephemerides can be generated) on the eferenced web site are
    for the epoch of 18 March (day 77).  Bear in mind that using these PRESUMES
    any planned maneuvers will execute to those plans, and no other (unplanned)
    maneuvers will take place in the interum before the eclipse.  Also, secular
    errors in the predictive ephemeides in extrapolation will, likely of small
    uncertainties, but may make very specific in situ eclipse circumstance
    calculations for ISS still just a bit shakey.  But, I will defer to experts in
    flight dynamics here to estimate the magnitudes of those uncertainties.
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