Re: No-show of Lacrosse 5

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 17:30:54 EST

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    Philip Masding wrote:
    > As to why you didn't see it all I can say is that a simulation shows 
    > that the solar panel would have been invisible and that during the high 
    > altitude parts of the pass the SAR was not well lit either. However I do 
    > predict that the SAR should have been quite well lit earlier in the pass 
    > around 20:19:43 when the satellite was at 36 degrees. How early in the 
    > pass did you start to track it?
    I did indeed not observe the lower part of its trajectory: as the second half of 
    it would be well visible that way according to the predictions, I had set up my 
    camera in front of my house, operating it out of the open window, waiting for 
    the sat to clear the house corner and pass just below the zenith. I think I 
    started to look at about 20:21 but with attention for the camera and clock too, 
    and could give it my full attention only at 20:21:30 UTC after pressing the 
    camera shutter release button. It should have been close to peak brightness and 
    at 70 degrees altitude right in front of/above me at that time according to the 
    predictions: but there was nothing to be seen. Maybe it had already dimmed 
    although it should not have been in eclipse yet.
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