Re: No-show of Lacrosse 5

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 17:23:16 EST

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    Hi Peter,
    Both Quicksat and Sathunt give a visible pass for me, with shadow entry near the 
    zenith. So it should have been visible here. Very odd. It must have been faint 
    as seen from my locality at the time I started watching. If it were brigher than 
    +3 I would certainly have seen it (had no problem seeing the rocket an hour 
    earlier at mag +2).
    - Marco
    Peter Wakelin wrote:
    > In message <>, Marco Langbroek
    > <> writes
    >> Hi all,
    >> Indeed, the brightness behaviour of Lacrosse 5 is odd lately. I failed to see it 
    >> both visually and with the camera, nothwithstanding a clear sky and a predicted 
    >> brightness of +2.1, at the 20:21 UTC near-zenith pass here just 10 minutes ago.
    > Marco,  I observed it from southern England until after 20:20.  Reached
    > mag 1 possibly zero.  I believe it entered shadow near the east coast of
    > England and long before reaching your zenith.
    > Peter
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