Lacrosse 5/TiPS Questions

From: Jeff Stevens (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 17:26:23 EST

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    I'm relatively inexperienced as far as satellite observing is
    concerned, and I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone on
    the SeeSat-L list might be able to answer. I hope it's OK to post this
    type of question via the list? My apologies if this is not the case.
    I made two observations this evening using a 25x100 binocular. The
    first of these was of Lacrosse 5. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make
    an accurate timing, the best I have is an estimate of the satellite
    passing approximately 20 arcminutes south of HIP 27082 at 19:30:30UT.
    The question I have concerns the perceived colour of this satellite.
    To me it had a slightly orange colour, and yet I've read that this
    isn't the case with Lacrosse 5. I've checked the details on Heaven's
    Above, and the identification seems correct. Are there conditions
    where this satellite might appear slightly orange in colour?
    The second question relates to an observation of TiPS, as it passed
    north through Auriga at approximately 20:13:45UT. Both "Ralph" and
    "Norton" were clearly visible to me, and I suspected a slight
    "glistening broken line" from what I would presume to be the tether. I
    seem to recall reading that the tether is no longer reflective enough
    to be seen. I have observed the TiPS configuration before, but don't
    recall seeing any hint of the tether. Is this my imagination
    attempting to "draw a line" between the two bodies, or is it possible
    that I've observed a reflection from the tether?
    Many thanks,
    Lat 52deg 58' 00" North
    Lon 2deg 11' 10" West
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