can someone cofirm this problem someone reported to me

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 15:53:47 EST

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    I received the below message today. So can someone who uses firefox, confirm this
    I'm unable to view any of your videos on the SeeSat-L website from my browser (Firefox).  Firefox
    simply downloads the file as text.  The videos will also not play if I download them to my
    computer and try to open the file from Firefox--I get the message "Windows Media Player cannot
    play the file."
    The videos will play properly if I right-click on the video link and select the option to play
    them from an external application (Windows Media Player).  I've even gone to your website and
    tried many other .wmv files on the site and all just download text in Firefox, but work if I
    select to play them from an external application.
    Your videos play just fine if I use Internet Explorer.
    I think perhaps the content-type is not set for .wmv files on your web server. Your server may be
    setting the content-type to text and Firefox is rendering the .wmv file as text.  The reason the
    videos play okay in IE is that IE looks at the file extension while Firefox looks at the
    content-type to determine which application to open the file with.  Is there any way you can find
    out if your server is configured with the following mime-type: video/x-ms-wmv
    Alternatively, if you or someone you know who uses Firefox could try to play one of your files,
    that could prove or disprove that the problem is with your server.
    I've verified that I have the correct plugin installed and tested to verify that it is working
    properly.  I also don't have any problem playing .wmv files on any other websites, so the problem
    appears to be specific to your server. 
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