OT:fire on board

From: Sarah-May (info@sarah-may.nl)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 11:59:30 EST

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    Hello all,
    Although it is off topic I'll want you to know that my observation
    activities will be on a low level for the near future,
    due to a fire aboard my houseboat wednesday/thursday night.
    The boat is inhabitable right now and I'm staying with friends in Almere for
    the time being.
    I was awoken by the smoke alarm and could get out in time, unfortunately my
    cat did not.
    An experience I wish for nobody.
    Most of my equipment (TV, computer, furneture etc) have been burnt or
    severly damaged.
    As for my satlist and the RAEtables I updated my website Jan 15th, so only
    the work done since then is
    most likely lost. Perhaps data can be retrieved from the hardisk of my
    computer and the external HD.
    I hope to resume observations and work on the RAElist once I've settled down
    a bit and sorted thing out.
    Please do not respond to the email adres I'm sending this from. It is from
    my friends.
    I can recieve emails at my old adres: leobarhorst@zonnet.nl
    Still have to figure out how to send emails, I don't remember the correct
    server name.
    Leo Barhorst 
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