Decay alert: 28630 2005-10-B SL-12 R/B

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 13:46:32 EST

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    The above object  is predicted at this stage by Calsky to decay at 0823 UTC 
    Friday just after a pass over Australia, unfortunately not sufficient 
    elevation for the pass to be visible here.
    In view of the Space Track user agreement it is not possible to relay 
    further information, however suffice it to say that the altitude at the time 
    suggests that the object may last longer than Calsky predicts.
    Although we have two reasonable daylight passes predicted here over the next 
    two days one appears to be too early and the other may be too late. (And we 
    have not been able to observe  for over a week owing to weather, though that 
    is likely to improve.)
    Australian observers in particular and also New Zealand observers with 
    access to Space-Track may like to monitor updates.
    Maybe our decay experts can also add their opinions. (Miss you Harro- if you 
    see this I hope you can get messages through!)
    New Zealand
    UTC plus 12 (New Zealand daylight time ended.)
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