LES 8 message from Brad Young

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 20:46:56 EST

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    Brad asked me to post this for him.
     I might mention that a different observation of LES-8 (03/11/05 in the evening sky, like the
    gentleman in Texas) was verified by a man I know only as "Troy" with 10x50 binocs after I pointed
    it out, and I believe Jerry Mullenuix saw it too behind us at 1X. Troy is recently on leave from
    Afghanistan and had developed a taste for observation there but is inexperienced, Jerry has been
    cursing satellites for years as an avid astrophotographer. My wife once saw what I can only think
    was PCSat (2001-043-C, 26931) one night and described it's track and timing so well I cannot
    reconcile the fact that she should not have been able to see such a small satellite with the
    apparent evidence that she did.
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