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Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 00:58:58 EST

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    Hi, I recently started imaging geosats using a popular web-based
    observatory.  So I decided to make a spreadsheet to aid in satellite
    location. I'm sure you all must have similiar (and probably better)
    tools for this purpose but I offer it here, FWIW. 
    The spreadsheet will calculate the subpoint longitude corresponding to
    a geosatellite's observed azimuth. It will also generate a table of
    Clarke Belt "look angles" with user-specified minimum elevation limit
    and longitude step. (Or alternatively, just enter a list of satellite
    longitudes by hand.) Additionally, it provides RA/Dec coordinates
    corresponding to geosat look angles for user selected date & time.  It
    has a convenient macro "hotkey" for generating the data table without
    need of manual cut&paste of cell formulas, etc. 
    I have found this spreadsheet to be useful in generating Clarke Belt
    'horizon' data for my HNSKY planetarium program for my home site and
    remote imaging site. And, mainly, it provides accurate RA/Dec
    targeting info for scheduled short duration point & shoot missions on
    the web-based scope. It is sufficiently accurate to routinely target
    seven Astra satellites in 25 arcmin fov. (If anyone needs the format
    for the HNSKY horizon file, I will be happy to provide that as well:
    displays the Clarke Belt as an arc with alternating red & white
    segments with subpoint longitude labels at 1 degree intervals. You
    would need the spreadsheet to generate your own local position data,
    of course.)
    The xls spreadsheet is 158k, zipped. I could upload it to a files
    section if available (please advise), else mail to anyone who wants
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