RE: Satellite Swatter?

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Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 11:23:50 EST

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    With apologies for being off topic, but I wanted to note that this is a
    very dangerous program -- well hated by the Air Force due to the debris
    issue. Unfortunately, it has the full support of Sen. Jeff Sessions
    (R-Alabama) who is responsible for putting money into the program in
    2004 and 2005 even though DoD did not ask for it (Army Space and Missile
    Command in Huntsville, Alabama, lobbied for it behind OSD's back, from
    what I can tell).
    The program actually has $17.5 million in 05 money -- funneled through
    Missile Defense Agency and Air Force accounts. ASMC has been agitating
    to do an actual flight test of one of the prototypes (they are
    ground-launched), which would be the return of U.S. testing of ASATs
    abandoned in the Cold War. Currently unclear what the exact plan is,
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