Station Flypast

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Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 06:13:46 EST

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    After a somewhat fraught tussle with a 2gig AVI that refused to open , and 
    thanks to a great bit of recovery software , I managed to catch ISS last 
    night as it made a 61 degree pass over the UK.
    The weather here has suddenly warmed up ( evening air temp 12 C  )  and 
    despite cooling the tube for some time , I was surprised how much turbulence 
    there was.
    Range to target was about 750 km , reducing to 410km in the "overhead"
    This was orbit 36129.
    Magnitude  - 1.6 at brightest.
    The main array remained hidden from me , but the rest of the complex 
    flickered in and out.
    A short video animation can be found here , compressing three minutes of the 
    pass into a few seconds.
    Meade 8 inch  LX90 plus ToUcam
    1/500 sec 30 FPS
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